WDP History

Do you know that Woodlands Primary School originated from Sungei Kadut School? It was built in the midst of a kampong setting in 1953 under the Frisby Five-Year Plan. That school had served the people of Sungei Kadut, Mandai, Kranji, Marsiling, Woodlands and even Johor Bahru for 22 years. During the 22 years of its existence, its student population was about 600 pupils. In fact, no one would ever dream of seeing a Government English School situated on a hillock.

Sungei Kadut School lacked the basic facilities such as modern sanitation and electricity. On a rainy day, classes were conducted in darkness and the lack of modern sanitation was another setback. The road to the school was muddy and full of potholes, making it a nightmare during the rainy season. Despite those problems and setbacks, the school made steady progress both academically and in the extra-curricular activities. The school had to be demolished in 1976 to make way for the government’s industrial development programme.

That year, the school was resited at Woodlands New Town at the Marsiling Road premises. It was renamed Woodlands Primary School and was officially declared open on 23 February 1978 by the MP for Bukit Panjang, Mr. Lee Yiok Seng. By then, the pupil population had grown to 1800.

Woodlands Primary School at Marsiling Road was a four-storey building consisting of 24 classrooms and 4 special rooms. A total of 41 classes functioned in both sessions. There were 5 special rooms, a dental clinic, an aviary, a sufficiently large canteen cum assembly hall and a small playing field. The school field was adequate for the needs of the pupils until later when more than a third of it was acquired for the construction of a new secondary school. An AVA room was set up only in 1980.

As more space and better facilities were needed, WDP was relocated to Woodlands Avenue 1 on 24th Nov 1986. It was approximately 3 times the size of the old building at Marsiling Road and had better improved facilities.

Under PRIME, Woodlands Primary School shifted to this present site in Woodlands Drive 50 on Nov/Dec 2003.

With better facilities, more space, dedicated teachers and outstanding principals, the school was able to keep pace with the rapid changes in education today and meet many challenges. It continues to produce outstanding pupils who do well in the PSLE and CCA. Woodlands Primary School will continue to strive in bringing out the greatest potential in its pupils.