Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Woodlands Primary School has begun its PAL programme since 2013.

PAL is a major initiative recommended by the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee which aims to address the need for greater emphasis on non-academic programme for Primary 1 and 2 pupils.


PAL offers pupils the platforms for experiential learning, experimentation, exploration and achieving success as well as opportunities for learning experiences to acquire a range of skills as well as interaction with their peers.

Through PAL, we hope that Woodlands Primary School pupils will

  • Exhibit confidence in what they do and express themselves effectively
  • Exhibit curiosity and positive attitudes in learning
  • Enjoy group experiences and develop teamwork

In summary, PAL will enhance the experiences of pupils in the moral, physical, aesthetics, social and emotional domains of learning for a holistic education


These modules are divided into two broad areas, Sports & Games and Outdoor Education, and Performing Arts and Visual Arts.


P1: Singapore, Our Home
P2: Mother Earth, Our Planet

With these two themes, we hope that pupils will see the relatedness across the different modules, learn to appreciate our cultures as well as develop awareness for environmental issues and work towards conservation and protections of our natural resources.

P1 P2
Sports & Games Teambuilding & Creative Games I Teambuilding & Creative Games II
Outdoor Education Outdoor & Me! Go Green!
Performing Arts (Music) Dramatize STOMP
Visual Arts iPuppetz Green Artizens


In a nutshell, all Primary 1 and 2 pupils will go through four different modules of activities in a year. Each module consists of 7 lessons. During each lesson, pupils will go through a series of experiential, creative and fun activities which incorporates values education and social-emotional learning. Through individual and group activities, pupils are able to learn about themselves and understand how to better relate to and work with others, which is an important competency to thrive in a fast-changing and globalised world.


PAL lessons take place once a week within curriculum hours for two hours. Vendor-facilitated programmes as well as teacher-based lessons are conducted during these periods.

Sports & Games

Pupils are actively engaged in a variety of physical activities. In each lesson, pupils will have to work in their groups. Through these activities, they will learn how to relate with others as well as knowing how to make responsible decisions as a team.

Pupils working together to stay on the “rocks”.

Pupils working together to form shapes.

Outdoor Education

A big part of Outdoor Education is to expose our pupils with nature and get them excited about the outdoors. Primary 1 pupils will learn how life skills such as packing for an excursion and basic orienteering skills. Primary 2 pupils will learn about the environment and how to conserve and protect our Earth.

Pupils getting ready for Seeds Planting.

Pupils learning first aid skills.

Visual Arts

P1 PAL Art – iPuppetz

“iPuppetz” invites pupils into a world of imagination and creation through puppet making and role playing. The fun and experiential activities engage pupils in exploration of materials and allow them to express their thoughts and feelings. Pupils are also given opportunities to develop their interpersonal and social skills as they learn to navigate through group experiences and make friends.

P2 PAL Art – Green Artizens

“Green Artizens” focuses on the exploration of art materials and media through a greater awareness of our environment as responsible artists. By transforming scrap materials around us that we usually perceive as trash into meaningful and innovative pieces of art, pupils learn to give these art creations a new lease of life. Fun and experiential in nature, the interactive activities provide platforms for pupils to explore, create and share together with others.

Pupils working on their art pieces using recycled materials.

Performing Art

P1: Synopsis of Dramatize

Freeze, pose, move and act! A series of lessons revolving around creating dramatic performances focused on body control and relationship management. Students will rehearse, refine, share and perform scripted dramatic scenes. Using voice, gestures and dramatic movement, our P1 pupils will enjoy themselves as they create freeze frames and investigate issues that happen in their everyday lives.

Pupils doing warm up.

P2: Synopsis of STOMP

Water bottles, wooden sticks, trash-bins, tables and chairs. These are just some of the items used by the P2 pupils for their STOMP Program. Don’t underestimate these seemingly ordinary items. Watch as the pupils transform them into a string of fun and upbeat music pieces. Don’t be surprise if you catch your child at home, exploring and tapping different household items to create interesting musical pieces.

Pupils ‘stomping’ their way.