P4C @ Woods

At Woodlands Primary School, Philosophy for Children (P4C) lessons are planned and carried out at Primary 3 and 4. Started as part of the TLLM Ignite initiative in 2006, it fulfils MOE’s initiative of Teach Less, Learn More. P4C@WOODS focuses on the development of creative and critical thinking skills, oracy skills as well as social skills.

In developing pupils to be creative thinkers, a number of tools are used to generate questions, construct explanations, imagine possibilities, discover criteria, make connections and build on each other’s ideas.

In helping pupils to be critical thinkers, they are presented with opportunities to explore disagreement, consider reasons, examine suggestions, apply criteria, weigh evidence and point out assumptions.

As pupils discuss their ideas in a group, they develop intellectual humility and impulse control, thus raising self-awareness and improving self-management. As they listen to each other, they take different perspectives, learn to empathise with each other and appreciate diversity, thus developing social awareness and relationship management.

They also become more responsible in their decision-making as they evaluate the morals and ethics behind certain issues. The self-reflection that pupils do in these activities contribute to a values-driven education that is at the core of the 21st Century Competencies.