Performance and Character Education through Music

Priding ourselves as an established and fine choir with an excellent track record of achievements, we have the hard work and dedication put in by the choristers, teachers and instructor through the decade to thank for. We have grown from a fledgling choir to the school’s niche CCA. We have been accorded the niche status entitled “Performance And Character Education through Choir”, PACE. This programme aims to expose, enrich and equip our pupils with the necessary music fundamentals and skills to attain choral excellence. Anchoring on our strong belief in developing our choristers holistically, we have developed our choral programme into two broad areas, mainly, choral singing skills and character development. Programmes are organised both for the masses as well as the talented. To further enrich their experiences, we have organised public concerts as well as participated in competitions both locally and overseas.

We are actively engaged in continual renewal, seeking improvement to meet new challenges as we take our choir to new heights.