Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) @ WDP

ICT Framework

At Woodlands Primary, we adopt the 6-E approach to harness technology. All pupils in Woodlands Primary School go through ICT enhanced lessons that aim to enrich their learning. ICT modules are developed to equip pupils with basic ICT skills, enabling our pupils to use the knowledge and skills to create and develop innovative projects. In their learning, all pupils leverage on the Learning Management System (LMS) to supplement and enhance their learning. Teachers further develop interesting lessons employing technology to engage pupils in their lessons.

Audio Blog @ Woods

Audio Blog @ Woods was conceptualised to equip pupils in Woodlands Primary School with effective oracy skills and strategies and develop motivated and confident speakers.

Features of the Audio Blog @ Woods programme include teacher’s scaffolding, the use of frames and template to elicit picture discussion, self-correction checklist / rubric, peer and self-evaluation and teacher-pupil conferencing.

Digital Art

At Woodlands Primary, all pupils from Primary 1 – Primary 5 are exposed to Digital Art programmes as part of their Art Curriculum.


The Media Studio is equipped with audio video studio equipment that allow live streaming and casting. Our language department has integration to its curriculum where pupils conceptualize story, build props and perform against a green screen for a virtual scene. Fellow classmates will preview a live casting for critic session

Garage Band

P3 and P4 pupils will be taught how to use the various instruments on the iPad Garageband, and compose their very own original song by the end of the course.