CCA List 

Sports & Games

  • Volleyball
  • Sports Club (Learn-to-play)
Performing Arts

  • Choir
  • Handbells & Handchimes Ensemble
  • Chinese Dance
  • Indian Dance
  • Malay Dance
Uniformed Group (P3-P6)

  • Scouts/Cub Scouts

  • Art Club
  • Chinese Cultural Club
  • Information and Communications Club
  • Library
  • Robotics Club
  • Speech and Drama Club

Chinese Dance

Woodlands Primary Chinese Dance aims to instil in pupils their passion for dance and to develop in them a love for the aesthetics. Not only will pupils learn the traditional Chinese dance steps, they will also be exposed to different genres of dances like contemporary and hip hop. Through participating in various competitions and performances, pupils learn to work as a team and gain self- confidence.

Malay Dance


The Malay dance group aspires to instil self confidence and teamwork through the learning of culture. Through their participation, we hope that the dancers will not only learn to express their feelings and appreciate others but also to understand the importance of dedication and commitment values which are important to the holistic development of the dancer. The dancers develop their their non-academic talent by learning both traditional as well as contemporary Malay dance techniques taught by a qualified and very committed dance instructor employed by the school. The Malay dance group participates actively in various school and community celebrations.

Indian Dance

Every dancer of Indian Dance is of good character and culturally vibrant. Through a dedicated arts education and caring environment, every dancer is nurtured in embracing cultural diversity & camaraderie so that she grows up to be a refined and gracious citizen.

Our Indian Dancers at Woodlands Primary School have made significant progress over the years. The troupe has performed at both school and community events. The dancers are trained by a very experienced dance choreographer, Madam Parvathy, who has about 25 years of experience in teaching Indian Dance. Our dancers are exposed to both classical and semi-classical dance techniques.


Priding ourselves as an established and fine choir with an excellent track record of achievements, we have the hard work and dedication put in by the choristers, teachers and instructor through the decade to thank for. We have grown from a fledgling choir to the school’s niche CCA under the Performance And Character Education (PACE) through Choir initiative. Anchoring on our strong belief in developing our choristers holistically, we have developed our choral programme into two broad areas, mainly, choral singing skills and character development. We are actively engaged in continual renewal, seeking improvement to meet new challenges as we take our choir to new heights.

Handbells and Handchimes Ensemble


The Handbells and Handchimes Ensemble was established in 2002 and has since clinched 5 sliver awards.

Members of the ensemble consist of mainly Primary 4, Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils.

Recruitment of new members begins in Primary 3 after the P3 Singing Bells and Choirchimes curriculum-based music enrichment lessons. Pupils who have being identified as having an aptitude and attitude will be invited to join the CCA. Further auditions will be conducted to confirm the final list of members recruited into the CCA.


The Manta Ray Scouts group encompasses both the Cub Scouts and the Scouts group. We have moved from strength to strength ever since its inauguration in 2006. In 2012, as a natural progression from the Scout Unit, we paved our steps to include another wing – the Manta Ray Venture Unit.

The Group places emphasis on developing every individual as a unique self with ample opportunities in leadership. We run the progress and proficiency badge system for all three levels of Scouting and prepare the group to take on the challenge of attaining the highest award in each level of Scouting – the Akela Award for the Cub Scouts, the Chief Commissioner’s Award for the Scouts and the President Scout Award for the Venture Scouts.

The Cub Scouts and Scouts sections have been achieving the Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award since 2003 and 2010 respectively.

We traditionally commence the year with a Founders’ Day celebration where we initiate new cubs into the group. Throughout the year, we will also have many other exciting activities such as camps and overseas learning journeys.


Chinese Cultural Club

In Chinese Cultural Club, a variety of activities are designed to educate our pupils to the appreciate Chinese Culture. Pupils are introduced to Chinese cultural arts and crafts such as Chinese paper cutting, paper carving, tea appreciation, Chinese knot making, bean art, chinese painting, mask painting, paper origami and many more. Pupils are proud to display their master-pieces on the notice board after each CCA session. Besides teaching pupils Chinese cultural arts, pupils also get to experience dining at the tea house or watching a cultural performance.

The Robotics Club

The Robotics Club provides opportunities for pupils who are interested in constructing and programming to pursue their passion beyond the requirements of the Primary School Science syllabus. The trainings that they undergo hone their creativity and thinking skills. Pupils are given opportunities to create and program a robot all by themselves which instils the ‘entrepreneurial dare’ in them. While the pupils are pursuing their passion, they derive joy from it and this CCA truly achieves the objective of “Joy of Learning”

Info-Comm Club

Info-Comm Club at Woodlands Primary School, aims to inspire our pupils who are keen in learning ICT skills.  It is an exciting 3-years program of introducing various digital media technology such as photography and videography using DSLR cameras and animation using iPads. These learning experiences go beyond their pen and paper in the formal curriculum. Under the guidance of experienced trainers and teachers, pupils are equipped with relevant Info-Comm skills to expand their creativity by using different computer software.

Library CCA

Interested in books? Want to share your love for books with your fellow schoolmates? Come and join us as our school Librarians where you will get the opportunity to plan and carry out activities to promote the books we have in the school library to your fellow schoolmates.

Speech and Drama Club

The main objective of the Speech and Drama Club is to help our pupils explore ways of expressing themselves using the appropriate voice. Techniques like tableau, mimes, speech drills and improvisation are taught to our pupils. They were also introduced to the 4Ps of voice – pitch, pace, pause and power through prose, sentences and poems. The training in speech has helped our pupils to improve their confidence and self- esteem when communicating with others. They are better able to express themselves using the techniques learnt. The highlight for our training can be observed from the year end performance during Children’s Day.

Sports Club

Sports Club offers three different sports, namely, Badminton, Soccer and Tchoukball. During each session, pupils learn the skills and strategies required to play the games well. Besides these, we also aim to cultivate Olympic values such as Friendship, Respect and Excellence through friendly games and competitions.