Learning Journey

 P4 Field-based learning to Chinatown 

The Primary 4 pupils went on a field-based learning journey to Chinatown. It was a wonderful experience for them as they were able to gain a hands-on experience and discover the sights and stories narrated in their Social Studies books. The objectives of this learning journey were:

  • To know and appreciate SG’s past and present;
  • To understand the Chinese culture;
  • To celebrate racial and religious harmony in Singapore;
  • To witness how Singapore succeeded despite all odds and the unique challenges and constraints we encounter;
  • To gain a sense of identity, pride and self-respect as Singaporeans.


Some of the landmarks the pupils visited were the well at Ann Siang Hill, which was the source of fresh water in the past and the Thian Hock Keng Temple, which is the oldest Hokkien temple in Singapore.
It was an enriching experience for the pupils.

P4 Field-based learning to Chinatown 2017

On 5 July 2017, the Primary 4 pupils went on a field-based learning journey to Chinatown. It was a wonderful experience for them as they were able to gain a hands-on experience and discover the sights and stories narrated in their Social Studies books. The objectives of this learning journey were:

  • To know and appreciate SG’s past and present;
  • To understand the Chinese culture ;
  • To celebrate  racial and religious harmony in Singapore;
  • To witness how Singapore succeeded despite all odds and the unique challenges and constraints we encounter;
  • To gain a sense of identity, pride and self-respect as Singaporeans.

P3 Field- Based Learning to Kampong Glam 2017

In Term 3, Primary 3 pupils embarked on a Social Studies learning journey to Kampong Glam.  Pupils learnt to identify the various landmarks in Kampong Glam.  They also had the opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of the Malay Community.  They also learnt about the living conditions and challenges that their forefathers had to face in the early years.  Through the learning journey, pupils were able to appreciate the cultural practices unique to the Malay Community.

P2 Field-Based Learning to Singapore Discovery Centre 2017

On 12 July 2017, the Primary Two pupils went on a learning journey to Singapore Discovery Centre to participate in the programme ‘I’m a Town Planner’. They went on a guided tour where the SDC’s interactive exhibits introduced them to the pioneer leaders and enable them to develop an understanding of the need to change Singapore physical environment in order to meet our changing needs. They role-played as ‘town planners’ and were given the important responsibility of deciding how to plan to provide an optimal lifestyle for our people.

P1 Field-based Learning Journey to Heritage Gardens at Gardens by the Bay 2017

In early Term 3, the Primary 1 pupils went on a Field-based Learning Journey to the Heritage Gardens, a collection of four themed gardens, namely the Indian, Malay, Chinese and Colonial Gardens in Gardens by the Bay.

During the journey, the pupils learnt about plants that are significant to the three main ethic groups in Singapore, and how they contributed to our colonial past.

The facilitators led the pupils around the various Gardens and explained to them the meaning behind different features in the garden. For instance, they learnt the significance of the Banyan tree to the Indian culture, the uses of bamboo plant in Chinese culture as well as uses of the coconut palm in the kampong environment.


30 Primary 5 pupils with 6 teachers went on an overseas learning trip to Hong Kong from 22 May to 25 May 2017. The objectives of this immersion programme were to develop in pupils the 21st Century Competencies of global awareness and cross cultural skills and sensitivities. In addition, it also served to provide an opportunity for pupils to experience the vibrant culture unique to Hong Kong. Pupils displayed the school core values of Collaboration, Adaptability and Respect along with the school vision, Empathy. The pupils learnt a lot from visiting and interacting with pupils from HK STW Dr Catherine F Woo and Ho Shun Primary School. They were participated actively in activities such as producing homemade insect repellent and how to make a bridge with recycled materials. They also shared our traditional games with the pupils from Hong Kong.

Besides the school visits, the pupils learnt how artistes train for Chinese Opera and in Disneyland, they learnt how animated cartoons are made. They also visited Hong Kong Science Museum and Heritage 1881. Finally, they visited two farms to learn about their efforts to protect the environment.

Learning Journey to Sungei Buloh 2017

As part of the school’s effort to provide our pupils with an outdoor experiential learning opportunity, all the Primary 6 pupils participated in a learning journey to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve on 17th and 26th May 2017. This learning journey allowed the pupils to learn beyond the classroom and build on their content knowledge on the characteristics of a wetland reserve and the adaptations of plants and animals to survive in the harsh mangrove environment.

Primary 4 Learning Journey to Johor Bahru 2017


13 March 2017 was a red letter day and finally it has arrived! We set off at 7am for Wong’s kampong in JB and started our day with a Wayang Kulit show. We played some traditional games and were surprised that our teachers were so good at the games.




The friendly uncle at Wong’s kampong even guided us for an impromptu performance using the Angklungs. We tried our best but the sounds we made definitely showed us as amateurs!




After a sumptuous lunch at Zenxin Organic farm, we set off for a walk. We learnt that the dragon fruit is a type of cactus and the mulberry must be picked when it was ripe. Some of my impatient classmates picked the red ones to try and their puckered faces was so comical.

We got our hands dirty making the EM mudball and had a lot of fun throwing the mudball into the pond to help clean it.



Some of us were interviewed by the reporters from Tuesday report. Although we were very nervous about the interview, all of us felt that this was a great experience.







All good things must come to an end. Some of us took out our shopping list and dutifully bought back organic produce for our parents/grandparents.

Some group photographs before we headed back to Singapore. What a memorable day!

Submitted by: Elisha Cheng, Yap Jun Yang, Jordan Lee and Chong Xiu Xuan

Adaptability 3


P4 Overseas Learning Journey 2016 to Johor Bahru

A total of 139 P4 pupils participated in the overseas learning journey to Johor Bahru on 30 and 31 May 2016. Through this learning journey, the school hopes to:

– develop in our pupils the 21st Century competencies of global awareness and cross-cultural skills and sensitivities
– provide an opportunity for our pupils to learn about the history, geography and culture of Malaysia; and
– enable our pupils to develop independence, resilience and adaptability.

The learning journey included a visit to Kampung Sinaran Baru where pupils experienced local culture and way of life in an authentic kampong setting and a visit to Zenxin Organic Farm where pupils gained insightful knowledge and understanding of diversity of agriculture and geography of Malaysia.

Our P4 pupils had had an enjoyable time! For many of them, the learning journey to Johor Bahru was indeed a great opportunity for them to bond with their friends and teachers.

P5 Learning Journey to Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln

30 March and 1 April 2016

The P5 pupils went on an enjoyable and fulfilling learning journey to the Thow Kwang Dragon kiln in term 2. This is part of the school’s commitment to enrich our pupils’ learning in the visual arts through exposure to our local arts and heritage. During the two-hour visit, our pupils were introduced to the history of the dragon kiln and some of them had the opportunity to enter the “dragon’s body” and examine the interior of a traditional wood fired kiln. They were also enthralled by the transformation of the clay in a wheel-throwing demonstration and each of them had a chance to create their own unique fish pot. The learning journey ended on a sweet note with everyone enjoying an ice cream, a much-welcomed treat in the sweltering heat!

Pupils enjoyed themselves during the hands-on workshop

Pupils tried the potter’s wheel for the first time.

P4 Learning Journey to Dragon Kiln

As part of the school’s commitment to enrich pupils’ learning in the visual arts, the school organised an art learning journey for all the P4 pupils to the Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln during the June holiday. The learning journey was an extension of the pupils’ learning beyond the classroom to build on the skills that they have acquired during the pottery art enrichment programme conducted earlier in the term. During the learning journey, pupils learnt the basics of ceramics making through an interactive hands-on workshop and a wheel-throwing demonstration. They also learnt more about the firing process through a tour of the Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln, one of the last remaining heritage sites in Singapore.

Pupils enjoyed themselves in a hands-on workshop.

Pupils had a chance to try wheel-throwing.

Pupils learnt more about the firing process at the dragon kiln.

Citizenship Education and Social Studies

Field-based Learning Journeys


– To allow pupils to contextualise their learning experience in an authentic real-world setting
– To allow pupils to explore, construct new knowledge and make connections to their Social Studies lessons

Primary 2 – Gardens by the Bay

Primary 4 – Chinatown

Primary 5 – Gardens by the Bay

Primary 5 Science Learning Journey to NeWater Plant

The Primary 5 pupils embarked on an outdoor learning experience at the NeWater Plant during the March holiday. In this learning journey, pupils learnt to appreciate our precious water resource and to identify ways to use water wisely at home. Pupils have also understood the 3-step process of treating recycled water to produce NEWater which is a high grade water.

P4 Learning Journey to Singapore Botanical Gardens

The P4 pupils embarked on a learning journey to Singapore Botanic Gardens. The learning journey was also planned for them to complete the Young Botanist Card. The trip enabled the pupils to appreciate the diversity of plants in Singapore and the importance of protecting our national heritage. They also learnt how different plant parts work together to help the plants grow and reproduce. The pupils went back with a learning journey booklet, a bookmark and an airplant which grows without soil.

Singapore Zoological Gardens

The Primary 3 pupils embarked on a learning journey to the Singapore Zoological Gardens during the June holidays. Pupils went on the zoo trails to find out about hoofed mammals, cat family, reptiles and snakes found in Singapore. It was a lovely treat to watch the newly opened polar bear exhibit and watching Inuka diving and swimming in the waters. After watching the animal show ‘Rainforest Fights Back, pupils had a better appreciation of Man’s impact on the environment.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Primary 4 pupils had the opportunity to go on a learning journey to the Singapore Botanic Gardens in Term 2. It was an enriching experience. The teachers and pupils were able to bring learning out of the classrooms. The pupils worked in groups of 4 to take photographs of the different plant parts during the trail.

NEWater Plant

Our Primary 5 pupils went through an experiential Science trail which focused on water sustainability in Singapore. The pupils took on the role of NEWater Scientists and worked in pairs to complete a variety of fun iPod quests around the learning exhibit-galleries. They were immersed in Singapore’s past and present water challenges as well as our four National Taps including NEWater. This programme which incorporated Science, Social Studies, National Education and Character and Citizenship Education was indeed enriching.

Sungei Buloh

The learning Journey to Sungei Buloh this year sees Woodlands Primary pupils armed with iPads and as they explored the various learning points along the board walk. Pupils read up on interesting facts and answered questions based on their surroundings. The pupils this year saw many fauna including the mudskippers, crabs and the elusive horseshoe crabs.