What is Cyber Wellness?

Cyber Wellness (CW) refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of online behaviour and awareness of how to protect oneself in cyberspace. The focus of CW is about helping students to become responsible digital learners. When navigating cyberspace, students should demonstrate respect for self and others and practise safe and responsible use. Students should also be a positive peer influence by harnessing technology for collaboration, learning and productivity, as well as advocating positive use of technology for the good of the community.


MOE uses the CW framework to develop the child’s instinct to protect and empower him to take responsibility for his own well-being in cyberspace. The three principles, ‘Respect for Self and Others’, ‘Safe and Responsible Use’ and ‘Positive Peer Influence’ when adhered to will anchor a child’s well-being in cyberspace as he will then be able to make careful and well-considered decisions.


Helping Your Children with Appropriate Online Expression

The avatars that we create, the photos that we post as well as the language that we use online will create an impression of who we are; that impression will form our online identity which will affect the quality of our online and offline experiences.

The misuse and abuse of technology takes place across borders. What may be meant for private enjoyment today may one day become public. It is important to maintain appropriate and safe self-disclosure online. Thus, there are some important considerations regarding the sharing or posting of personal information online.

Therefore, how can you help your child to be a responsible and gracious online user?

Below are a tip sheet document and slides you can use to engage your children to express themselves appropriately online.

2019 ICT Connect Parents Slides

2019 ICT Connect Parents Tipsheet


For other cyber wellness resources and tips for parents, visit the MOE Parents in Education Website.