Principal’s Message


Woodlands Primary has a rich history and has grown from strength to strength since its humble beginnings as a kampong school in Sungei Kadut in 1953. The school celebrated its 40th Anniversary last year, and 2017 marks a new chapter for the school as we move to our next stage of growth beyond 40 years. It was also opportune that we reviewed the school’s WDP Compass in 2016, as we continued to ask ourselves how we can best help to prepare our pupils for the future.

The school vision of pupils becoming “Gracious Woodlanders with the Zest to Excel” remains relevant, and shows our commitment to nurture pupils who are ready for the future. As we help pupils to develop 21st century skills, we also want to develop resilience and adaptability in them –attributes which are critical for our pupils to develop an entrepreneurial dare as they continue to find joy in learning. We want our pupils to have the resilience to keep their zest to excel going even as they experience failures along the way. We also hope that the school provides a safe learning space for our pupils to learn to adapt to the fast changing world. We have incorporated resilience and adaptability into our existing core values, and our new set of core values – respect, resilience, passion, adaptability, collaboration and innovation, will guide our pupils as they grow to make a difference in society.

The school believes strongly in providing pupils with a holistic education and through that, helping them to discover and develop their individual interests, talents and strengths. We have many engaging programmes in place to achieve this, and the staff is committed to providing a student-centric, values driven education for our pupils.

We also want to continue to build on the strong partnerships with our parents and the community, to add value to pupils’ learning. The support given by the WDP School Advisory Committee and the WDP Parent Support Group, as well as their strong belief in the school, have encouraged our staff to do their best to make a positive difference in the lives of our pupils.

Having built a reputation for excellence in the area of the Music, Visual Arts and Volleyball, the school has a strong foundation on which to build future initiatives. As the school moves into its next stage of development, we will continue to build on past achievements and find new pathways of excellence.

Thank you for being an integral part of such a vibrant and close-knit community, and I look forward to working together with everyone in the WDP family, to continue to nurture our pupils to be Gracious Woodlanders with the Zest to Excel!

Winnie Tan (Ms)